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Consumers of Processed Metals

We have been providing mill-ready products for over a century:

  • #1 copper shreds and 1100 aluminum shreds as well as E.C. aluminum chops are always available for purchase. 
  • We always have superior processed goods for sale. Our experienced personnel maintain strict quality control during sorting, recycling, storage and transport. 
  • Our non-ferrous division prepares and packages all types of red metals, white metals and stainless steels, and aerospace alloys. We are always in the market and have truckload quantities available for purchase. 
  • Our ferrous division prepares all grades of iron and steel for direct foundry or mill consumption. We are truckload as well as rail car shippers. 
  • We provide prompt, efficient account management and timely invoicing using the most modern equipment and technology available today.

Call us toll-free at (888) 677-7818 and ask for Ernie Gagnon or Paul Ferretti. Give us your materials and quantities for quotation.