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We have adopted basic technologies that have been utilized in other industries for many years and implemented them in our operations:

  • Niton Alloy Analyzers – We have four new generation hand held units that analyze both turnings and solids exact chemistry in less than 6 seconds, ensuring 100% accurate grading.
  • Bar coding – All of our packaged non-ferrous finished goods are bar-coded, enabling us to track sourced material, provide accurate shipped weights and docs, and account for our available inventory at all times.
  • GPS – All of our fleet vehicles are equipped with GPS units.  Our dispatcher always know where our trucks are, where they have been and has access to the full history of logged service.
  • Cell phones – All of our drivers have hands free cell phones.
  • ATM – Our facility has an in-house ATM for the convenience and prompt payment to our delivering customers.
  • Software – Fully integrated software, enabling us to have clear, accurate information on all levels of our business at our fingertips and available to our customers. 
  • License scanners – We go above the legal requirements for recording purchases of scrap by scanning licenses of all delivering customers.
  • Surveillance – All of our facilities have surveillance cameras throughout, including some equipped with live security monitoring and smart technology to safeguard our yards.